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    Bhutan is our world: we can make it part of yours
    Why Travel with Us?
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    Bhutan is our world: we can make it part of yours
    Why Travel with Us?

Why Travel with Us?

Our focus is Bhutan. It's our thing...it's all we do!
We stand firmly behind a commitment to provide you with authentic, immersive cultural experiences. That means active and personal involvement in local communities, activities, cuisine and accommodation experiences.
You won't be observers, but an active part of the environment and daily life.
That's what we believe makes touring with us unique.

We care

We know Bhutan is a bucket list destination for many of you and we really care whether or not you have a great trip. So we take time to get to know you and understand what it is you’re looking for to have the holiday of a lifetime


Bhutan is our passion. So we just offer tours to Bhutan. It’s all we do #dowhatyoulove

Personal attention

Whether traveling independently or with a group, our dedicated local Guides will take care of you. We use experienced Guides who are great storytellers, who are happy to share their own personal experiences and stories. He'll make Bhutan come alive, and you'll get to know him well. He’ll be there for you the entire trip to accommodate any special interests where we can. If you want a certain photo or want to try a particular food, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Very often it is our Guides that clients reminisce about most at the end of the trip when they recount their experience.

Cultural immersion

Is a signature feature of our tours. Whether it’s tea in a farmhouse, a hot stone bath Bhutanese style, a visit to a school to mingle with children or simply a chat to locals at a market, such moments are the essence of touring with us

Authentic accommodation

All our accommodation is carefully selected to ensure that it is locally owned and meals are made with local produce

Small is good

We believe small groups are a must in Bhutan to allow more intimate interactions with the sites and the people. Traveling with others who have similar interests enriches the entire experience and can lead to new friendships. Our groups have no more than 14 people and feedback from our clients attests to the appeal of this dynamic

Exceptional value

We include as much as possible in our price. Our rates are competitive and include many benefits far beyond planning, transportation, guides, meals, accommodation and entrance fees. Our tours often include serendipitous opportunities. And we are careful to ensure that our tours are not premium priced so the comfort and convenience of small group travel is an expensive value-add.

Ethical and responsible travel

We travel responsibly to this eco destination. Each of our tours respects and sustains local lifestyle. See our recommendations for becoming more culturally and environmentally aware travellers here.

Tip for respectful travel...

Our reputation matters to us

We are pretty proud of the experience we offer clients on their journeys with us. Click below to read just some of the consistent feedback from previous clients.


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