Voted Lonely Planet’s #1 Best in Travel 2020: Happiness is a Place

Hidden in the Himalayas, this majestic Kingdom is no ordinary place. To experience it, we invite you to join our beautiful network of clients and friends who have toured with us, and get to know Bhutan and its people. With people consciously choosing more sustainable travel, it’s no wonder Lonely Planet chose Bhutan as 2020’s #1 Best in Travel destination. This beautiful, tiny country in the Himalayas operates a 'high-value, low-impact' tourism policy, which rewards visitors with pristine air and clean mountain trails. The world's only carbon-negative country and set to become the first fully organic nation, there is much to be impressed by.

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Take a trek. Breath!
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Get to know friendly locals
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Australian Journey to Bhutan is a small, boutique tour operator which provides unique, inspirational tours to Bhutan. We focus on private, small group tours to get you to the heart of Bhutan and its people. We are committed to providing authentic, immersive cultural experiences which means active and personal involvement in local communities, activities, cuisine and accommodation. We go the extra mile and treat you like family so your holiday is extraordinary. We never say "Goodbye" to our clients as they leave. We say, "See you next time''

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